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Metro Kiss..

Loved this shot from Kelly & Cole’s engagement shoot this weekend around the Washington DC area.View full post »

Wisdom & confidence comes early in some places

The fishing village of Kazimkazi, most southern tip of Zanzibar, TanzaniaView full post »

Paris la nuit

This is not Paris, Texas.View full post »

un moment dans le Jardin des Tuileries

Relaxing in Paris on a Friday evening, cost = free, value = priceless…View full post »

Dans le Monde

I love the microcosm of culture that you can sometimes capture with street photography. This past weekend I traveledView full post »

Passion without Boundaries

Some sports are universal… and that is the beauty.View full post »

Bouquets à Aller

Knotting Hill Farmer’s MarketView full post »

Driving in Brugges

Today I took the afternoon off and visited the town of Brugges by train from Brussels. It is the beginning of the highView full post »

London pub meeting

Saturday evening I was fortunate to meet up with a long time friend from flickr who is Bulgarian and now lives inView full post »

Music sans politique

Street musician, Vatican City.View full post »

Friday night in Rome

The problem is trying to decide where to eat…View full post »

Rome is not Kansas

Music can appear in the most wonderful places in Rome…View full post »

Italian stallion, Vatican City

The need for speed transcends religion…. it is a cultural phenomenon that cuts across multiple genres and defiesView full post »

Roma Look Out

This is not a horizontal reverse image done in photoshop….View full post »

Living on the edge

captured with: fuji xpro-1 @ 50mm, f1.4, iso 200, 1/250View full post »

On the streets of Addis

I am in Addis Ababa again to help teach a course for the next week. It has seem to become my second home in Africa asView full post »


People and dwellings can be counted for many reasons in developing countries….View full post »


Walking the paths of a small village in Zanzibar I was surprised to see the color of the red colored soil – itView full post »

Streets of Nairobi

Back in Nairobi to finish out my work here until May… where it is now summer and the rainy season is just aroundView full post »

Zanzibar tough…

During our walk through the fishing village of Kazimkazi on the southern most tip of Zanzibar we ran into manyView full post »

Nairobi Winter

Even though Nairobi is just south of the equator and this is Africa, it still gets cold… OnView full post »

Nyama Choma

Ahh… fresh Kenyan beef from one of the local butcheries. Here they refer to barbecuing as nyama choma –View full post »

Going mobile in Ethiopia

Unlike Nairobi where it is common to see folks driving a Range Rover, in Addis Ababa, the style of vehicles is more aView full post »

Brussels, Belgium – heavenly eats…

I spent three days last week in Brussels. The first day was in briefings before heading to Nairobi, Kenya. The secondView full post »

Power of Street Art

The street artist of today has evolved much like the rest of our culture, becoming more diverse and utilizingView full post »


Earlier this month while visiting Maddie who was doing summer school in Buenos Aires, she had one of her classmates goView full post »

A Day at The Mall – D.C.

Last week we were treated to a tour of D.C. by Kelly and Brian, who are both interning there for the summer. OnView full post »