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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the quintessential photography stops in the southwest. There is much debate at to whether toView full post »


Buckskin stud captured at sunrise on a cool northern Nevada desert morning.View full post »

Last Light… Canyon de Chelly

The trees were just starting to show some green 2 weeks ago in Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo reservation…View full post »

Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly is the Spanish name with a French connotation for one of the oldest inhabited places in NorthView full post »

Working in Northern Arizona

I have spent the last five weeks working at the regional Indian Health Services hospital in Northern Arizona on theView full post »

Return to the Desert

It has been several years since I found my way back to visit the desolately beautiful northern Nevada desert and theView full post »

Cowboy in heaven

Early morning ride on the ranch after more June rains… should be a fabulous hay crop.View full post »

Happy Dog!

Jonah trying his best to make his way through the unusually tall Coastal grass in our pasture… it was a very wetView full post »

Lost and Found…

There is this dogma among photogs that bares repeating – do not ever, under any circumstance, delete a photoView full post »

Early morning on the range…

I am still working on my editing from last fall. The above image turns out to be one of my favorites. It combines theView full post »

Sunset on the Delicate Arch – Utah

Sunset over the Delicate Arch in southern Utah. To reach it you have to climb ~ 2 miles up a fairly steep set of slickView full post »

The Three Gossips – Arches National Park, Utah

I did a little research on my trip back from Idaho to Texas this past weekend. I was looking to spend part of anView full post »

Sunset over Malad Gorge

Today I packed up and drove from north central Idaho to just below Salt Lake City, Utah. As the sunset approached IView full post »

Before the snow…

This was one of my favorite images from the fall. Part macro, part landscape. Leaving Idaho in the morning forView full post »

Backcountry Icicles…

Have you ever envisioned an image but just not sure how to get there? I had to climb a tree with my gear and hang offView full post »

It snowed here yesterday, a lot…

I was sitting at the dining room table this afternoon studying when the clouds parted and the sun started to danceView full post »

Colors of the Clearwater River

I shot this image on the road down from the ridge where I have been staying over the last several monthsView full post »

Winter’s light

Last week while home in Texas, I got these two standing in the weeds as the sun set before Thanksgiving dinner. It isView full post »

The Palouse in early winter

This is one of my first edits from my trip to Steptoe Butte. The rolling hills of the Palouse, combined with the longView full post »

Sunrise, leaves & bokeh…

Often times I am challenged to find a unique perspective when shooting landscapes, it’s definitely a “weakView full post »

What are you giving thanks for?

We are certainly thankful that everyone made it home from school and working far away for the the ThanksgivingView full post »

Winter approaches…

The first morning light lifts the fog over trees above the Clearwater River Valley in north central Idaho. TheView full post »

Light, bokeh & portraiture

The longer I shoot images, the more enamored I become with light & bokeh. I think this is a common step in theView full post »

“Smoke on the Water”

Forest Service “hotshotters” continue to fight the multiple complex wildfire blazes in the central IdahoView full post »

My backyard…

I was studying French on Monday afternoon practicing “monsieur, une biere, s’il vous plait” when aView full post »

First Blush of September – Wallpaper & Football

In this part of the country, Fall weather comes much quicker. I have noticed just over the last ten days the colors ofView full post »

Whitewater Rodeo – Lochsa River, Idaho

Nic Box and I spent the afternoon looking for the “good water” along the upper Clearwater River drainageView full post »

Power of Street Art

The street artist of today has evolved much like the rest of our culture, becoming more diverse and utilizingView full post »

Wildfire Sunset over Idaho

Apocalypse Now…. is what Idaho reminds me of at this time. Yesterday it was so smoky in the river valleys,View full post »

Refugees of the Nevada Desert

These are the last of my finished edits from my time in the Northern Nevada desert. Each image could stand alone but IView full post »

New Moon over Idaho

One of the things I have been waiting to do since arriving in Idaho is to shoot some astrophotography. Where I amView full post »

Horse Whispering Wild Horses…

Since visiting Helen’s sister, Anne (aka – the wild horse whisperer), on my trek to work in Idaho twoView full post »

In the Idaho Backcountry with Eleanor

I was fortunate to be able to sneak away from working in the ER here in Orofino for an afternoon this week. MichaelView full post »

Morning with a Wild Horse Band

On my last day in Nevada, I got up before sunrise and drove out into the desert mountains with Anne, the wild horseView full post »