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Belt of Venus

Standing on top of the equator provides a unique perspective of the Earth’s transition from night to day. ThereView full post »

Top of the Equator @ 5000m

It is so ironic that in climbing Mt. Kenya you actually cross the equator twice – on the approach and then againView full post »

Riding the storm out

After climbing for two days to the high camp at the base of Mt Kenya, I was a little disappointed to find it’sView full post »

Climbing Mt. Kenya

Late this afternoon I returned from a four day expedition climbing Mt. Kenya. There are many images to sort throughView full post »

Wind Blown

A good place for a look out…View full post »

Wisdom & confidence comes early in some places

The fishing village of Kazimkazi, most southern tip of Zanzibar, TanzaniaView full post »

Sunset on the Mara

I am always a sucker for a killer sunset…View full post »

Kenyan siesta

Somethings don’t require much energy…View full post »

Warning: Giraffe Crossing

In the Mara River… while on the lookout for the crocs.View full post »

Have wind… will travel

Sometimes things can be so beautiful and simple. Crossing from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.View full post »

Rural Kenya

Children of a Masai village…View full post »

Acacia sunset

Acacia trees are the essence of Kenya on the Serengeti-Mara plains. They provide shade for all, fresh tender leaves forView full post »

South of Somalia

North shore, Zanzibar, TanzaniaView full post »

What elephants like…

On the Mara the small white flowers are a favorite of the baboons. But it is the young tree starts that the elephantsView full post »

Dancing on the Mara

Visiting a Masai village during a dance ceremony.View full post »

Under the Baobab Tree

In Zanzibar, the Boabab trees have many significances within the culture and historically. They can live for more thanView full post »

Sunset over Liberia

I landed a week ago in Monrovia to spend the next month helping this west African country that is struggling toView full post »

Messing Around

Sunrise one morning on the Mara found us with a large pride of lions led by this big male. One of his sons thought itView full post »

Maddie’s Zanzibar

When Maddie and I visited Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania we spent the first several days on the north end of theView full post »

Masai couture

Masai Warrior on the Mara last week.View full post »

Cut here in Emergency

The infamous Twin Otter from de Havilland in Canada, now an African bush plane… how we fly on safari.View full post »

Passion without Boundaries

Some sports are universal… and that is the beauty.View full post »

Wrinkle Resistant

This was as close as I wanted to get and he had small tusks… after our guide told us the only animal big enoughView full post »

Storm on the Mara

The weather was a bit unsettled during our visit to the Mara, but the migration was still happening and it made forView full post »

Indian Ocean sans Pirates

Maddie came to visit me for the first time in Africa… spent a long weekend on Zanzibar, diving and exploringView full post »

Hell’s Gate… Kenya

Back in Kenya till the year’s end. Took a day and hiked Hell’s Gate which is ~ 2 hours from Nairobi. OurView full post »

Karura Forest Waterfall, Kenya

The rainy season has come late this year to east Africa. Perhaps a reflection of global warming or just an aberration,View full post »

Rainy season rapids, Karura Forest, Kenya

This is an abstract of the rapids below the waterfall in Karura Forest. Sometimes it is not about catching theView full post »

Living on the edge

captured with: fuji xpro-1 @ 50mm, f1.4, iso 200, 1/250View full post »

Happy hour on the Mara

Acacia trees can offer more than shade after sunset…View full post »

some necessities never change

fuji xpro-1 @ 50mm, f/2.0, 1/750, iso 200 Addis Ababa, EthiopiaView full post »


People and dwellings can be counted for many reasons in developing countries….View full post »

where you look, you can see

Beauty within times of trouble Is where you look, if you wish to seeView full post »

Kisumu Ndogo…

Karibu to Kibera… Nairobi, KenyaView full post »