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Indian Ocean sans Pirates

Maddie came to visit me for the first time in Africa… spent a long weekend on Zanzibar, diving and exploring thisView full post »

Hell’s Gate… Kenya

Back in Kenya till the year’s end. Took a day and hiked Hell’s Gate which is ~ 2 hours from Nairobi. OurView full post »

Karura Forest Waterfall, Kenya

The rainy season has come late this year to east Africa. Perhaps a reflection of global warming or just an aberration,View full post »

Rainy season rapids, Karura Forest, Kenya

This is an abstract of the rapids below the waterfall in Karura Forest. Sometimes it is not about catching the absoluteView full post »

Living on the edge

captured with: fuji xpro-1 @ 50mm, f1.4, iso 200, 1/250View full post »

Happy hour on the Mara

Acacia trees can offer more than shade after sunset…View full post »

some necessities never change

fuji xpro-1 @ 50mm, f/2.0, 1/750, iso 200 Addis Ababa, EthiopiaView full post »


People and dwellings can be counted for many reasons in developing countries….View full post »

where you look, you can see

Beauty within times of trouble Is where you look, if you wish to seeView full post »

Kisumu Ndogo…

Karibu to Kibera… Nairobi, KenyaView full post »

Le Miuex

James… meilleur guide sur Masai Mara avec le camp SerianView full post »

Karura Forest, Kenya

Bokeh from a walk with Helen last October…View full post »

Fresh herbs in Addis

In the Mercado Market of Addis Ababa you can buy just about anything… green or roasted coffee to die for –View full post »

Even lions respect

Some are just best left alone… Masai Mara.View full post »

Where pirates roam…

Along the East African coastline and in Zanzibar, the boat of choice is the centuries old dow. Somethings are best leftView full post »


Walking the paths of a small village in Zanzibar I was surprised to see the color of the red colored soil – it wasView full post »

Streets of Nairobi

Back in Nairobi to finish out my work here until May… where it is now summer and the rainy season is just aroundView full post »

No tusks…

Helen and I ran into this little fellow who was only 1-2 days old just before sunset on the Mara. We spent better partView full post »

Bridging Gaps

Technology can often times inhibit communication, especially between two very different cultures because of theView full post »

Little Tusks

Life is usually much simpler when you still have little tusks… Captured with: nikon d700 @ f/6.3, 1/640, 240mm,View full post »

Princess of Kazimkazi

Play is what you make of it. The essence of which is creativity. Children often exceed where adults frequently fail.  View full post »

Helen sur le Mara

Helen was a trooper on this adventure. She flew in 2 days after the attack in Nairobi… then off to Zanzibar andView full post »

Visit with the Masai

An image from our visit to a Masai village. Captured with: fuji xpro-1 @ 35mm, f/1.4, iso 200, 1/420th.View full post »

Safari sunset

Because of the vast plains of the Mara and the intermittent storms that inevitably boil up during the warm afternoons,View full post »

Zanzibar tough…

During our walk through the fishing village of Kazimkazi on the southern most tip of Zanzibar we ran into many childrenView full post »

I could hear him breathing

We saw leopards three different days we were on the Mara. Which is quite unusual. While visiting in May I caught aView full post »

Tender moment on Safari

I just got back from putting Helen on the plane back to Texas, which was hard to do after spending a wonderful 10 dayView full post »

Primary Care – Kazimkazi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

  Yesterday Helen and I spent the morning exploring the fishing village which was next to the lodge we were staying atView full post »

Zanzibar – Indian Ocean

Helen and I arrived in Zanzibar two days ago, escaping the tensions in Nairobi to arrive in this paradise destinationView full post »

Nairobi shattered…

Today we were once again reminded of the fragile state that we live in. Whether it be Aurora, Colorado or Nairobi, KenyaView full post »

Pumba on the run

I spent some time shooting some more impressionistic images while on safari. This requires a slow shutter speed, steadyView full post »

On Fire

Despite being in the heart of East Africa at Lake Naivasha, a group from Finland and NYC made it to the stage. That dayView full post »

Speaking with hands…

It may see a bit strange, but this is my favorite image from the trip to the Masai Mara in May, because it speaksView full post »

Rift Valley Music Festival

Friday night under the Acacia trees at the music festival on Lake Naivasha, Kenya was a crazy place to be…View full post »