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Belt of Venus

Standing on top of the equator provides a unique perspective of the Earth’s transition from night to day. ThereView full post »

Sunset on the Mara

I am always a sucker for a killer sunset…View full post »

Sunset over Liberia

I landed a week ago in Monrovia to spend the next month helping this west African country that is struggling toView full post »

Karura Forest Waterfall, Kenya

The rainy season has come late this year to east Africa. Perhaps a reflection of global warming or just an aberration,View full post »

Rainy season rapids, Karura Forest, Kenya

This is an abstract of the rapids below the waterfall in Karura Forest. Sometimes it is not about catching theView full post »

Inside the rain

Rome status post a storm…View full post »

Amalfi, Italy

In the last two days have traveled through Ethiopia, Kenya and now have a week’s respite in Italy with theView full post »

Happy hour on the Mara

Acacia trees can offer more than shade after sunset…View full post »

Early morning on the range…

I am still working on my editing from last fall. The above image turns out to be one of my favorites. It combines theView full post »

New free e-book by Dave duChemin & Friends

Some of the photographers I respect the most have released a free photography e-book to get a better grasp on how toView full post »

Rift Valley, Kenya – Mt. Longonot

I have now been working in Kenya for two weeks with Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). Last weekendView full post »

Sunset on the Delicate Arch – Utah

Sunset over the Delicate Arch in southern Utah. To reach it you have to climb ~ 2 miles up a fairly steep set of slickView full post »

The Three Gossips – Arches National Park, Utah

I did a little research on my trip back from Idaho to Texas this past weekend. I was looking to spend part of anView full post »

Sunset over Malad Gorge

Today I packed up and drove from north central Idaho to just below Salt Lake City, Utah. As the sunset approached IView full post »

Before the snow…

This was one of my favorite images from the fall. Part macro, part landscape. Leaving Idaho in the morning forView full post »

It snowed here yesterday, a lot…

I was sitting at the dining room table this afternoon studying when the clouds parted and the sun started to danceView full post »

Colors of the Clearwater River

I shot this image on the road down from the ridge where I have been staying over the last several monthsView full post »

The Palouse in early winter

This is one of my first edits from my trip to Steptoe Butte. The rolling hills of the Palouse, combined with the longView full post »

Sunrise, leaves & bokeh…

Often times I am challenged to find a unique perspective when shooting landscapes, it’s definitely a “weakView full post »

Winter approaches…

The first morning light lifts the fog over trees above the Clearwater River Valley in north central Idaho. TheView full post »

“Smoke on the Water”

Forest Service “hotshotters” continue to fight the multiple complex wildfire blazes in the central IdahoView full post »

Wildfire Sunset over Idaho

Apocalypse Now…. is what Idaho reminds me of at this time. Yesterday it was so smoky in the river valleys,View full post »

Refugees of the Nevada Desert

These are the last of my finished edits from my time in the Northern Nevada desert. Each image could stand alone but IView full post »

New Moon over Idaho

One of the things I have been waiting to do since arriving in Idaho is to shoot some astrophotography. Where I amView full post »

In the Idaho Backcountry with Eleanor

I was fortunate to be able to sneak away from working in the ER here in Orofino for an afternoon this week. MichaelView full post »

Storms over the Arizona Painted Desert

Last week I finished my work in Stephenville for awhile and have decide to work overseas and do some locum tenensView full post »

Telluride – Colors of Fall

Last weekend, I had to make a quick trip that took me through the southwest corner of Colorado…through theView full post »

“Temple of Apollo”

This is the sunset view looking westward to the Aegean Sea on a hill with the remaining “Portara”View full post »

Kohala Coast Sunset

This is an image that I caught last week just after getting done shooting Kelly’s portrait in a lava rock nicheView full post »

January in Texas

Shot this image earlier several weeks ago.  As we progress a little closer to spring everyday there remains theView full post »

hill country in June

“Time provides a different perspective on life…” As we get close to the year’s end and theView full post »


Weeds can be part of nature’s beauty, it simply depends on your point of view. Captured with: d700, 70-200, @View full post »

Riding the storm out

Everyday I go to town I have to drive past the ranch across the highway from ours. I’m always struck by theView full post »

Feeling left out….

A quartet of Coreopsis in a sea of purple thistle. I took a back road home this evening from a meeting in Cleburne andView full post »