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Buckskin stud captured at sunrise on a cool northern Nevada desert morning.View full post »

Return to the Desert

It has been several years since I found my way back to visit the desolately┬ábeautiful northern Nevada desert and theView full post »

Maddie & Cowboy

Horses can be the best of friends, sometimes…  View full post »

Holiday Ride

Despite what many think, it can get quite cold in north Texas. The last several days have seen an inversion withView full post »

Cowboy in heaven

Early morning ride on the ranch after more June rains… should be a fabulous hay crop.View full post »

Texas cold

A “blue norther” is blowin’ in tonight and time to get ready on the ranch… Captured with: fujiView full post »

Lost and Found…

There is this dogma among photogs that bares repeating – do not ever, under any circumstance, delete a photoView full post »

Guest Post – Anne Hall

I have been so busy here in Kenya the last four months, haven’t had much time to get out and shoot many images.View full post »

Wild Buckskin Stallion – Anne Hall

This is an image that Helen’s sister, Anne shot in the last week. She lives in northern Nevada andView full post »

Refugees of the Nevada Desert

These are the last of my finished edits from my time in the Northern Nevada desert. Each image could stand alone but IView full post »

Horse Whispering Wild Horses…

Since visiting Helen’s sister, Anne (aka – the wild horse whisperer), on my trek to work in Idaho twoView full post »

Morning with a Wild Horse Band

On my last day in Nevada, I got up before sunrise and drove out into the desert mountains with Anne, the wild horseView full post »

Sunset over the Nevada Desert – Wallpaper

Today I was lucky to be able to hike the high desert hills of northern Nevada with Helen’s sister, Anne. We wereView full post »

“Art of a Barrel Turn”

The barrel racers were back at the Lone Star Arena this weekend and I got a chance on Sunday afternoon to spend aView full post »

Barrel Racing Extreme…

I was able to spend yesterday shooting the Memorial Day barrel race event at the Lone Star. This is one of my favoriteView full post »

Roping at Bonita Ranch

On Thursday afternoon I was lucky to get a call from Brad & Barrie Smith at Bonita Ranch outside of Stephenville.View full post »

Spring time green up

Last night after dinner I walked the edge of our back pasture with Jonah (faithful ranch hand/wonder dog) andView full post »

Tornadoes over Texas…

We had a massive storm blow in for the weekend with multiple tornado alerts in effect, especially in north TexasView full post »

“Spring in the Hill Country”

Scooter gets an early start on breakfast last week. No, we didn’t get hit with any of the tornadoes in TexasView full post »

“Roo in the Dew”

Spring is early here in Texas. We have been blessed with a mild winter, above average rainfall and the blueView full post »

“the working man’s horse…”

Not a week goes by that someone asks me, “do you know where I can find a good horse….one that won’tView full post »

Team Roping in Texas – January

Last week I returned from spending some time in Baltimore, studying and just trying to stay warm. This pastView full post »

Helen’s first ride….2012

After the cold front that moved through last week with the Christmas holiday the warm weather of New Year’s DayView full post »

“High Desert Sunrise”

  Running the ridge for water as the sun rises over a band of wild horses inView full post »

“Cowboy Christmas at Twin V Ranch”

Both the girls have gotten home from school and the xmas holiday is almost in full swing here. The temperature hasView full post »

“Dancing with Cows” ~ 50th NCHA Futurity

It never fails….the NCHA Futurity opens at Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth and a cold snap hits. JustView full post »

Composition & Cowgirls

I have long been challenged with trying to make the leap from “snapshots” to photographs. Once you do, itView full post »

“Young Vaqueros”

Above is Lightbox Gallery set of images shot last week during the Southwest Reined Cow Horse show here inView full post »

“The Vaquero”

Thomas Saunders, Twin V Ranch, Weatherford, Texas Captured with: nikon d700, 70-200mm @ f/4.0, ISO 200, 1/1000  View full post »

Ranch Foreman ~ Weatherford, Texas

Captured with: nikon d700, 70-200mm @ f/4.0, ISO 200, 1/1000.View full post »

“Mustang Morning Sunrise”

Nevada high desert buckskin stallion and his mare get a little spooky as we approached just afterView full post »

“High Desert Colt”

A young wild Nevada colt, mom and dad heading out across the desert shortly after sunrise…. Captured with: nikonView full post »

Portrait of a Wild Buckskin Mare

It was just a week ago now that we were hiking among one of the treasures of western North America. The high desertView full post »

Nevada Wild Stallions ~ “survival of the fittest”

Last Saturday as Helen, Ann & I got closer to the waterhole, the young stallions started flexing their muscles andView full post »