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Kīlauea volcano ~ the sleeping giant

This is an aerial shot looking down in to the active Pu`u `Ō `ō crater of Kīlauea. The day we flew over it wasView full post »

Kohala Coast Sunset

This is an image that I caught last week just after getting done shooting Kelly’s portrait in a lava rock nicheView full post »

farmer’s market ~ Hawaiian style

Every weekend in Kailua there is a local market that springs up in a church parking lot. It has been a favorite stopView full post »

Tsunami, Kona & surfing

Yesterday in the afternoon we wandered around downtown Kona which took a direct hit from last week’s Tsunami aView full post »

Mauna Kea beach break

We are getting ready to head out tonight for the dreaded “mainland redeye” flight back to Texas. But thatView full post »

Kohala sunset in the lava

Last night the wind was really whipping up and down the coast here in North Kohala. I think it is related perhaps toView full post »

Whales, dolphins & sharks, oh my!

Below is a set of images from the last two days of hanging out on the water off the Kohala coast and Keahou Bay on theView full post »

Postcards from Spring Break!

Group consultation following a successful landing at the heliport… Maddie riding the surf at HapunaView full post »

Paradise by air…

This was an unnamed falls that we flew by within the Pu’u O Umi Nature Reserve – I called itView full post »