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“the working man’s horse…”

Not a week goes by that someone asks me, “do you know where I can find a good horse….one that won’tView full post »

“Cowboy Christmas at Twin V Ranch”

Both the girls have gotten home from school and the xmas holiday is almost in full swing here. The temperature hasView full post »

Composition & Cowgirls

I have long been challenged with trying to make the leap from “snapshots” to photographs. Once you do, itView full post »

“The Vaquero”

Thomas Saunders, Twin V Ranch, Weatherford, Texas Captured with: nikon d700, 70-200mm @ f/4.0, ISO 200, 1/1000  View full post »

Ranch Foreman ~ Weatherford, Texas

Captured with: nikon d700, 70-200mm @ f/4.0, ISO 200, 1/1000.View full post »

Texas Ranch Life ~ “man’s best friends….”

Living in the central Texas ranch communities lends itself often to a simpler life style. The speed of the world seemsView full post »

“the discussion”

Thomas Saunders has talk with their ranch stud regarding the etiquette of standing still while getting into theView full post »

“early morning cut”

Shot this image while sitting in a pen of cattle looking up through the dust as the boys started to cut the calvesView full post »

“Herd on the Run”

A colorful band of ranch misfits looking for trouble in all the wrong places… Captured with: d700, 70-200mm @View full post »

“Working the stock”

Getting the job done takes more than a good man at the Twin V ranch… Tom B. handling the branding iron. CapturedView full post »

“fishin’ buddies ~ texas style”

Sometimes the simple things can bring the most happiness….especially when sitting on a greatView full post »

“The Boss”

Some men (and women) ride with the confidence that commands respect. This comes with experience and age…there isView full post »

Roping at sunrise during wildfire season in Texas

                I shot this image two weeks ago at the Saunders’View full post »

Branding pen ~ a different perspective

So what do you get for lying down on your belly behind a cowboy in a corral full of horse and cow pucky, waiting forView full post »

Thomas Saunders ~ horseman extraordinaire

In the last 15 years of riding field trial horses, team roping horses and more recently the refined reined-cowhorses,View full post »

Sunrise on the Twin V Ranch

Ranch hand at the Saunder’s Twin V Ranch gets some help after climbing back on his horse following “aView full post »