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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Riding at the M-Y Arena

It was a really nice Sunday afternoon before the Ice Storm of 2009 hit and I got to spend part of it at the M-Y arenaView full post »

Just need a pot to piss in…..

We just keep getting teased down here. ONE day its in the 70’s, next it is blowin’ 30 mph and in theView full post »

Bull practice at Mike Young’s Arena

If you didn’t already know, Stephenville is the “Cowboy Capitol of the World”. I was officiallyView full post »

Judge in Waiting

There were plenty of opinions to be heard at the ECLS this past weekend. As is typical, judging in any sport isView full post »

Grand Champion Goat!

Show goats are a big deal here…above is the Erath County Livestock judge with the winning champion goat and hisView full post »

Erath County Stock Show

Well it is stock show time in this part of the world. Erath County Stock Show started this weekend and was wellView full post »


Whoa! It went from 80’s to freezing in 24 hours here. That’s a “blue norther”. However, we gotView full post »

Jonah the Cow Dog

We are definitely suffering down here, hit the 80’s today. Our big concern is fire. Really pretty dry around hereView full post »

The Big Upset!

As predicted here, Ole Miss knocked off the Texas Tech Raiders handily this afternoon in the Cotton Bowl in a highView full post »