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Friday night lights – Stings hit Aledo Stadium

Texas high school football opened the 2010 season across our fine state this past friday night. We were in Aledo for aView full post »

Cojolya – mayan weavers of Guatemala

At the town of El Remate, Maddie and I came across a number of artisans. The most interesting was the loom weaving.View full post »

the Covingtons’ – “pigtails & otoscopes”

Big hearts, steadfast ethics and gobs of empathy. Thoughts that come to mind when I think about Dr. Ben & LoriView full post »

Storm clouds over Tikal

Tikal is a special place and has remained that way since its creation around 400 BC. It was one of the cornerstones ofView full post »

five friends in Patchakan

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart… ~ Anthony D’Angelo Captured with:View full post »

Ramos Fruit’s Shop

At the end of the day, many folks tend to congregate around these small convenience stands along the main roadView full post »

Not lost in translation

Before traveling to central America I had been warned that many cultures were wary of foreigners, especially ifView full post »

ARCAS – To Guatemala with love

It all began with a mission to find pizza in the small village of Flores, Guatemala. Maddie and I had been working inView full post »

In the doorway – San Joaquin

Being a photographer is not about the camera or the technique, it is about what you have inside your mind. It is theView full post »

North Belize Medical Mission Team – 2010

Hello all team members that traveled to help those in need last month in the Corozal area! Above is the team photoView full post »

Basketball school – San Joaquin

Mr. Matthew Wolfert blocks a pass by the previous 5A standout basketball player from San Antonio….Tripp Lyles.View full post »

Riding a loose rein – Guatemala highlands

On our last day visting northern Guatemala, we got up before sunrise to ride the ranch lands above La Lancha,View full post »

Triage…building trust through grace.

The first step in entering the maze of our mobile clinic was the triage desk. After the initial registration process,View full post »

Russ Gest – have lab, will travel….

I first really got to know Mr. Russ Gest last year in the steamy confines of a dilapidated school inView full post »

Sunday school in Corozal

Sometimes a seat is hard to come by in a church full of spirit….young man watching Sunday school at the ChurchView full post »