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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Grapes, cheese and St. Helena…

With both girls in college, for the first time in 18 years Helen and I are footloose and free of most school-relatedView full post »

“Mustang Morning Sunrise”

Nevada high desert buckskin stallion and his mare get a little spooky as we approached just afterView full post »

Places of worship ~ Naxos, Greece

While visiting Greece this summer Maddie and I were fascinated with the number of churches – big, small andView full post »

“High Desert Colt”

A young wild Nevada colt, mom and dad heading out across the desert shortly after sunrise…. Captured with: nikonView full post »

Portrait of a Wild Buckskin Mare

It was just a week ago now that we were hiking among one of the treasures of western North America. The high desertView full post »

Nevada Wild Stallions ~ “survival of the fittest”

Last Saturday as Helen, Ann & I got closer to the waterhole, the young stallions started flexing their muscles andView full post »

Nevada’s Wild Horses ~ “waterhole walk”

The horses in Nevada’s northern high desert have a social structure much like ours. Likewise they are creaturesView full post »

Nevada’s wild horses

Helen and I were lucky to be able to spend today with her sister, Ann in the high desert mountains of northern Nevada.View full post »