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Emerald Bay Solace

Emerald Bay Solace, originally uploaded by c6 cowboy.

Recently while visiting the Lake Tahoe area this month, I went on a mission. Emerald Bay is one of those mythical places when captured at the right moment it transcends the space between earth and sky. The trick is catching it during the right time of year and weather.

I got out of bed well before 5:00 am to make the trek from Reno to Emerald Bay with the heat pumping through a miniature rental car and coffee clutched in hand working my way along the Tahoe coast line. It was a windy morning….no one else was there (who would be this crazy?) to witness the sunrise on another day that so many will take for granted.

After setting up my tripod, I realized that the freezing north wind had blown every respectable cloud that could have helped create the perfect sunrise all the way to Mexico or at least Las Vegas.

Irregardless, I faithfully recorded my first Emerald Bay sunrise knowing the escape that morning from the pressures of the busy life we live would be solace for the days to come….

Captured with: D700, 24-70mm @ f/14, 1/100, ISO 200, 27mm. This is not an HDR image.


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