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Sunrise, leaves & bokeh…

Often times I am challenged to find a unique perspective when shooting landscapes, it’s definitely a “weak spot” for me. I will be exploring an area and the light will start to dance and do it’s magical thing, yet I struggle trying to compose an image that will convey the feeling of the moment.

Two weeks ago I got up 2 1/2 hours before sunrise to make a run to Steptoe Butte on the Palouse in eastern Washington State. It is a quite a drive in the dark along the Clearwater river from where I am currently staying. But a good friend of mine who knows the area well, told me I wouldn’t be disappointed. He was correct, but it was well below freezing when I arrived and for the first several hours I was there.

Above is an image I shot at the base of the Butte that was in a small park that was filled with wild oaks, apple and plum trees. There were deer near by and pheasants cackling to the rising sun and warming night. The leaves, light and bokeh created in that small corner of the vast Palouse was special that morning. My other images are on a different hard drive and I will get them up shortly.

Image captured with: nikon d4, 85mm @ f/1.4, iso 100, 1/250.



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