Maddie at Sunset

Wrapped in a Masai blanket for warmth against the December weather of north Texas. Captured with: fuji xpro 1 @ 35mm f/1View full post »

Holidays in Texas

I was able to fly home for a two week respite from working in Kenya and spend the holidays with family in Texas. AView full post »

Alley through Time

A peek into a world that changes much slower than others… the Mercado of Addis Ababa. Captured with: fuji x pro-1View full post »

Injera Baskets

In Ethiopia, the staple bread with each meal is injera. It is a slightly sour tasting flat bread that has a spongyView full post »

The mercado, Addis Ababa

Just got back from a week of work in Ethiopia. Yesterday afternoon I got several hours off to explore the MercadoView full post »

No tusks…

Helen and I ran into this little fellow who was only 1-2 days old just before sunset on the Mara. We spent better partView full post »

Bridging Gaps

Technology can often times inhibit communication, especially between two very different cultures because of theView full post »

Little Tusks

Life is usually much simpler when you still have little tusks… Captured with: nikon d700 @ f/6.3, 1/640, 240mm,View full post »

Princess of Kazimkazi

Play is what you make of it. The essence of which is creativity. Children often exceed where adults frequently fail.  View full post »

Helen sur le Mara

Helen was a trooper on this adventure. She flew in 2 days after the attack in Nairobi… then off to Zanzibar andView full post »

Visit with the Masai

An image from our visit to a Masai village. Captured with: fuji xpro-1 @ 35mm, f/1.4, iso 200, 1/420th.View full post »

Safari sunset

Because of the vast plains of the Mara and the intermittent storms that inevitably boil up during the warm afternoons,View full post »

Zanzibar tough…

During our walk through the fishing village of Kazimkazi on the southern most tip of Zanzibar we ran into many childrenView full post »

I could hear him breathing

We saw leopards three different days we were on the Mara. Which is quite unusual. While visiting in May I caught aView full post »

Tender moment on Safari

I just got back from putting Helen on the plane back to Texas, which was hard to do after spending a wonderful 10 dayView full post »

Primary Care – Kazimkazi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

  Yesterday Helen and I spent the morning exploring the fishing village which was next to the lodge we were staying atView full post »

Zanzibar – Indian Ocean

Helen and I arrived in Zanzibar two days ago, escaping the tensions in Nairobi to arrive in this paradise destinationView full post »

Nairobi shattered…

Today we were once again reminded of the fragile state that we live in. Whether it be Aurora, Colorado or Nairobi, KenyaView full post »

Pumba on the run

I spent some time shooting some more impressionistic images while on safari. This requires a slow shutter speed, steadyView full post »

On Fire

Despite being in the heart of East Africa at Lake Naivasha, a group from Finland and NYC made it to the stage. That dayView full post »

Speaking with hands…

It may see a bit strange, but this is my favorite image from the trip to the Masai Mara in May, because it speaksView full post »

Rift Valley Music Festival

Friday night under the Acacia trees at the music festival on Lake Naivasha, Kenya was a crazy place to be…View full post »

Rift Valley – “Cradle of Man Kind”

Over the last several months there has been some momentum building and excitement over the upcoming Rift Valley FestivalView full post »

Not your average buffaloes…

On Sunday this past weekend I took a day off and revisited Mt. Longonot – a dormant volcano in the great RiftView full post »

On the hunt…

On the evening when we ran into the mama cheetah and her two cubs we first found them hunting into the wind for a smallView full post »

Flying into the Mara

Shooting images on the Mara can be challenging at times, because there is so much to do and see it can be difficult toView full post »

“The Ugly Five”

This was one of my favorite images from the trip to the Masai Mara in May. Mid week while I was there we made a tripView full post »

Zebra – Black & White or Color?

Zebras are fascinating photographically. They present such a unique mixture of contrasts with their stark black andView full post »

Nairobi Java House

In Kenya, because of the geographic variability they can grow both exceptional coffee and tea. Traditionally, tea is theView full post »

Inside a Masai Village

When visiting the Mara I spent one morning at a Masai Village. The village is placed in a circular pattern andView full post »

Lost and Found…

There is this dogma among photogs that bares repeating – do not ever, under any circumstance, delete a photoView full post »

Fastest mammals on earth, but the rabbit was smarter…

Most of the excitement when on safari happens very quickly and unexpectedly. On one late afternoon we came across twoView full post »

Nairobi Winter

Even though Nairobi is just south of the equator and this is Africa, it still gets cold… On the Fahrenheit scaleView full post »

Flying over the Mara

There is a unique balance of wildlife on the Masai Mara. For example, for every animal that is killed by a predator,View full post »

Teenager on the Mara

On the last evening of my visit to the Mara we bumped into a splinter of the Marsh pride. It was a mature female withView full post »


Early one morning we were leaving camp and I spotted something standing up in the grass like a cheetah, which we hadView full post »