Nairobi Java House

In Kenya, because of the geographic variability they can grow both exceptional coffee and tea. Traditionally, tea is theView full post »

Inside a Masai Village

When visiting the Mara I spent one morning at a Masai Village. The village is placed in a circular pattern andView full post »

Lost and Found…

There is this dogma among photogs that bares repeating – do not ever, under any circumstance, delete a photoView full post »

Fastest mammals on earth, but the rabbit was smarter…

Most of the excitement when on safari happens very quickly and unexpectedly. On one late afternoon we came across twoView full post »

Nairobi Winter

Even though Nairobi is just south of the equator and this is Africa, it still gets cold… On the Fahrenheit scaleView full post »

Flying over the Mara

There is a unique balance of wildlife on the Masai Mara. For example, for every animal that is killed by a predator,View full post »

Teenager on the Mara

On the last evening of my visit to the Mara we bumped into a splinter of the Marsh pride. It was a mature female withView full post »


Early one morning we were leaving camp and I spotted something standing up in the grass like a cheetah, which we hadView full post »

Safari on foot…

On the last day of my visit to the Masai Mara, James and Dennis (my guides), decided that it was time to get the hellView full post »

Mastering Photoshop Toning

I have met some really interesting photographers on the Web over the last several years and have been able to visit themView full post »

Wisdom Through Time

It is difficult to describe the Masai people, who over see the vast lands that follow the “migration” of animals inView full post »

The Masai Mara

This evening I returned from a week in the “bush” staying on the Masai Mara North Conservancy, which linksView full post »

Early morning on the range…

I am still working on my editing from last fall. The above image turns out to be one of my favorites. It combines theView full post »

Fish Mongers

Last weekend I ventured down to the Nairobi City Market which has been in place since early last century. If you areView full post »

Nyama Choma

Ahh… fresh Kenyan beef from one of the local butcheries. Here they refer to barbecuing as nyama choma –View full post »

Faith in Nairobi

Last month I took a Sunday afternoon off and wandered through the Arboretum here. It is a quiet place that you couldView full post »

Ethiopian Transport Services

While in Ethiopia in March I passed a young man who was coming back up a very long hill with his two donkeys. He made aView full post »

New free e-book by Dave duChemin & Friends

Some of the photographers I respect the most have released a free photography e-book to get a better grasp on how toView full post »

Guest Post – Anne Hall

I have been so busy here in Kenya the last four months, haven’t had much time to get out and shoot many images.View full post »

Impala Sunset

I didn’t believe there could be a “rainy season” anywhere. I mean, it rains off-on frequently duringView full post »

Reaching for the good stuff…

Sometimes the best tasting things are in the hardest to reach places…. Image taken two weeks ago in the NairobiView full post »

Rainy season in Kenya…

In the last two weeks it has rained every day and/or night, hard. That would mean “Texas” hard. GullyView full post »

Going mobile in Ethiopia

Unlike Nairobi where it is common to see folks driving a Range Rover, in Addis Ababa, the style of vehicles is more aView full post »

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It has been a while since I had time to post, work here has been quite busy. I am spending two weeks working on twoView full post »

Nairobi Arboretum

It has been almost a month since my last post and it has literally flown by working here in Nairobi. Since then, we haveView full post »

Rift Valley, Kenya – Mt. Longonot

I have now been working in Kenya for two weeks with Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). Last weekend a View full post »

Brussels, Belgium – heavenly eats…

I spent three days last week in Brussels. The first day was in briefings before heading to Nairobi, Kenya. The secondView full post »

Waiting for Christmas…

Well everyone is home and the house smells wonderful as the holiday baking gets into full swing! Certainly this is aView full post »

Sunset on the Delicate Arch – Utah

Sunset over the Delicate Arch in southern Utah. To reach it you have to climb ~ 2 miles up a fairly steep set of slickView full post »

The Three Gossips – Arches National Park, Utah

I did a little research on my trip back from Idaho to Texas this past weekend. I was looking to spend part of anView full post »

Sunset over Malad Gorge

Today I packed up and drove from north central Idaho to just below Salt Lake City, Utah. As the sunset approached I wasView full post »

Before the snow…

This was one of my favorite images from the fall. Part macro, part landscape. Leaving Idaho in the morning for Texas&#View full post »

Backcountry Icicles…

Have you ever envisioned an image but just not sure how to get there? I had to climb a tree with my gear and hang offView full post »

It snowed here yesterday, a lot…

I was sitting at the dining room table this afternoon studying when the clouds parted and the sun started to danceView full post »

Colors of the Clearwater River

I shot this image on the road down from the ridge where I have been staying over the last several months outsideView full post »