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Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly is the Spanish name with a French connotation for one of the oldest inhabited places in NorthView full post »

Working in Northern Arizona

I have spent the last five weeks working at the regional Indian Health Services hospital in Northern Arizona on theView full post »

Return to the Desert

It has been several years since I found my way back to visit the desolately┬ábeautiful northern Nevada desert and theView full post »

Hiking @ McKinney Falls – Austin

In Texas this week and visited with Maddie in Austin. Took the afternoon to hike McKinney Falls state park then to goView full post »

Belt of Venus

Standing on top of the equator provides a unique perspective of the Earth’s transition from night to day. ThereView full post »

Top of the Equator @ 5000m

It is so ironic that in climbing Mt. Kenya you actually cross the equator twice – on the approach and then againView full post »

Riding the storm out

After climbing for two days to the high camp at the base of Mt Kenya, I was a little disappointed to find it’sView full post »

Climbing Mt. Kenya

Late this afternoon I returned from a four day expedition climbing Mt. Kenya. There are many images to sort throughView full post »

Outtakes are always the best…

After shooting portraits of a while now I find that the images that are almost always the best are those moments inView full post »

Maddie & Cowboy

Horses can be the best of friends, sometimes…  View full post »

Holiday Ride

Despite what many think, it can get quite cold in north Texas. The last several days have seen an inversion withView full post »

Wind Blown

A good place for a look out…View full post »

Wisdom & confidence comes early in some places

The fishing village of Kazimkazi, most southern tip of Zanzibar, TanzaniaView full post »

Sunset on the Mara

I am always a sucker for a killer sunset…View full post »

Walking with the Masai

The best way to see, smell and hear the animals is to get out of the damn Land Cruiser and go for a walk. The key isView full post »