Tarleton State University is getting ready to start up their basketball season and I began sorting through past images (View full post »

Sunrise over Santorini…with friend

Captured with: nikon d700, 24-70mm lens @ f/13, ISO 2000, 1/200View full post »

“Gang Supression Unit” – Belize City

After working a week in mid-July in the jungles of north central Belize, our medical team returned to Belize City. TheView full post »

“Young Vaqueros”

Above is Lightbox Gallery set of images shot last week during the Southwest Reined Cow Horse show here inView full post »

“The Vaquero”

Thomas Saunders, Twin V Ranch, Weatherford, Texas Captured with: nikon d700, 70-200mm @ f/4.0, ISO 200, 1/1000  View full post »

Ranch Foreman ~ Weatherford, Texas

Captured with: nikon d700, 70-200mm @ f/4.0, ISO 200, 1/1000.View full post »

“Empty Nest Syndrome”

It has been a lot quieter around here since both girls have left for college…too quiet sometimes. Friday NightView full post »

PBR Stephenville ~ “8 seconds”

This is one of my favorite pictures from when the PBR was here this summer. It is an iconic image of man vs. bull. TheView full post »

Telluride – Colors of Fall

Last weekend, I had to make a quick trip that took me through the southwest corner of Colorado…through theView full post »

Visions of Napa Valley ~ vintage 2011

Captured with: nikon d700, 85 mm f/1.4. (Click an image to progress through the lightbox)View full post »

Grapes, cheese and St. Helena…

With both girls in college, for the first time in 18 years Helen and I are footloose and free of most school-relatedView full post »

“Mustang Morning Sunrise”

Nevada high desert buckskin stallion and his mare get a little spooky as we approached just after sunrise…View full post »

Places of worship ~ Naxos, Greece

While visiting Greece this summer Maddie and I were fascinated with the number of churches – big, small andView full post »

“High Desert Colt”

A young wild Nevada colt, mom and dad heading out across the desert shortly after sunrise…. Captured with: nikonView full post »

Portrait of a Wild Buckskin Mare

It was just a week ago now that we were hiking among one of the treasures of western North America. The high desertView full post »

Nevada Wild Stallions ~ “survival of the fittest”

Last Saturday as Helen, Ann & I got closer to the waterhole, the young stallions started flexing their muscles andView full post »

Nevada’s Wild Horses ~ “waterhole walk”

The horses in Nevada’s northern high desert have a social structure much like ours. Likewise they are creatures ofView full post »

Nevada’s wild horses

Helen and I were lucky to be able to spend today with her sister, Ann in the high desert mountains of northern Nevada.View full post »

Texas Ranch Life ~ “man’s best friends….”

Living in the central Texas ranch communities lends itself often to a simpler life style. The speed of the world seemsView full post »

“the horse whisperer”

Some people have a spirit about them such that they are just naturally gifted with animals. It’s hard-wired intoView full post »

Kenny Wayne Sheperd Band – “Here I Go”

It has been crazy around here this past two weeks with getting Maddie & Kelly down to their respectiveView full post »

Hillside garden ~ Island of Naxo, Aegean Sea, Greece

Maddie & I had this view for a moment in June…. Captured with: d700, 24-70mm, f/2.8.View full post »

Macro Monday ~ “bad hair day”

This is how I feel some Monday mornings – a little lost, overwhelmed and fuzzy. Usually because we try and packView full post »

Brother Clayton ~ Pastor, Church of Christ – Belize

Three years ago on a hot, humid Sunday morning I visited a small church in a rough part of the township ofView full post »

Maddie’s shoes….

During Maddie’s trip to Greece, she told me that there was only one thing that she wanted to purchase…anView full post »

Texas Drought….praying for a hurricane?

Since returning from recent trips, I have been very busy at work and attending a meeting in Dallas last week.View full post »

North Belize Medical Mission ~ “those who care”

Above is a “flash-based” slideshow with audio of a series of portraits taken two weeks ago during ourView full post »

New wallpaper…

This image is currently the wallpaper on my iMac at home. I have come to cherish interesting and uniqueView full post »

Patchakan – “village of happiness”

Patchakan was the second village we worked in last week. This was the third year in a row that I have been there. ThisView full post »

“Tears for Corozal”

Last week our first stop on the mobile clinic tour of north Belize was Corozal, which is the main town in theView full post »

Amber Gris Caye, go fast boats & sharks

Last night the North Belize Medical Team returned from the Corozal District after breaking down the last clinicView full post »

“Circo Ponce Grande”

Today we set up our mobile clinic in the town of San Joaquin which is a village between Corozal and Belize CityView full post »

Children of North Belize

There is nothing more precious than children. They represent our successes from the past and hope for the future. ThisView full post »

North Belize Medical Mission

Almost forty of us devoted to helping the people in the Corozal District of Belize arrived in Belize City this pastView full post »

“Inside the Hagia Sophia”

Once a church, then a mosque ~ now a contrast of Christianity and Islam. Certainly the Hagia Sophia is one of theView full post »