Brother Clayton ~ Pastor, Church of Christ – Belize

Three years ago on a hot, humid Sunday morning I visited a small church in a rough part of the township ofView full post »

Maddie’s shoes….

During Maddie’s trip to Greece, she told me that there was only one thing that she wanted to purchase…anView full post »

Texas Drought….praying for a hurricane?

Since returning from recent trips, I have been very busy at work and attending a meeting in Dallas last week.View full post »

North Belize Medical Mission ~ “those who care”

Above is a “flash-based” slideshow with audio of a series of portraits taken two weeks ago during ourView full post »

New wallpaper…

This image is currently the wallpaper on my iMac at home. I have come to cherish interesting and uniqueView full post »

Patchakan – “village of happiness”

Patchakan was the second village we worked in last week. This was the third year in a row that I have been there. ThisView full post »

“Tears for Corozal”

Last week our first stop on the mobile clinic tour of north Belize was Corozal, which is the main town in theView full post »

Amber Gris Caye, go fast boats & sharks

Last night the North Belize Medical Team returned from the Corozal District after breaking down the last clinicView full post »

“Circo Ponce Grande”

Today we set up our mobile clinic in the town of San Joaquin which is a village between Corozal and Belize CityView full post »

Children of North Belize

There is nothing more precious than children. They represent our successes from the past and hope for the future. ThisView full post »

North Belize Medical Mission

Almost forty of us devoted to helping the people in the Corozal District of Belize arrived in Belize City this pastView full post »

“Inside the Hagia Sophia”

Once a church, then a mosque ~ now a contrast of Christianity and Islam. Certainly the Hagia Sophia is one of theView full post »

Visions of Santorini

It has almost been a month since Maddie and I have visited Santorini in Greece. I am still working my way through theView full post »

USCRA roping in Stephenville

The US Calf Roping Assoc. is holding a three day roping here in Stephenville out at the Lone Star. I was able to spendView full post »

Chasing the Firecracker 100

Taken yesterday while following the Firecracker 100 race in Stephenville, Texas. The event is sponsored by theView full post »

Racing barrels @ the Lone Star

Images shot last weekend at the Lone Star Arena, Stephenville, Texas. Captured with: nikon d700, 400mm @ f/3.2, 1/800,View full post »

Athens ~ year of living dangerously

These are images from a calmer Athens three weeks ago in and around Symtagma Square, where the nationalView full post »

“Temple of Apollo”

This is the sunset view looking westward to the Aegean Sea on a hill with the remaining “Portara” orView full post »

Barrel racing ~ Lone Star Arena

Out at the Lone Star Arena this weekend the girls have taken over and are running barrels for money and pride.View full post »

Slowing down in Naxos…

One week after our return and I’m already missing the people, experiences and places we visited in theView full post »

Fishing the Bosphorus

Last Thursday I got up before sunrise at our hotel overlooking the Bosphorus River which separates Istanbul to watch theView full post »

Father’s day at Fossil Rim

After returning from being on the road over the last two weeks, Helen asked what I wanted to do for father’s day&#View full post »

Deep in Istanbul

Maddie and I have spent the last two days trying to conquer Constantinople, or Istanbul as it is currently referred toView full post »

Santorini – postcard perfect, almost…. guest post by Maddie Edwards

That is one thing that Santorini definitely is: postcard perfect.  However beyond the picturesque town of Oia, theView full post »

Timeless in Naxos

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades group and has a very long history dating back past 5000 BC. CycladicView full post »

Cyclades Islands, Aegean Sea – Greece

Internet access has been a bit limited the last several days since traveling through the Cyclade Islands of Greece inView full post »

Blue hour at the Acropolis

The last two days in Athens have been crazy. Maddie has taken me to every major historical site in the city and thereView full post »

Austerity boils in Athens…

Well Maddie and I landed in Athens this evening after leaving Texas yesterday to embark on her chosen graduation trip.View full post »

“the discussion”

Thomas Saunders has talk with their ranch stud regarding the etiquette of standing still while getting into the saddle&#View full post »

“wrong place, wrong time”

Sometimes despite your very best efforts, you make the wrong move and bad things can happen… Captured with: d700,View full post »

“early morning cut”

Shot this image while sitting in a pen of cattle looking up through the dust as the boys started to cut the calves fromView full post »

A peek into the soul of a young lady…

I have been fortunate the last two weekends to steal a couple hours away from my work and both my daughters’ busyView full post »

Rising purple coneflowers

Helen found these wonderful purple coneflowers Saturday afternoon while shooting some images of Kelly down by the oldView full post »

Maddie’s senior portrait ~ Wazari inspired

After finishing Maddie’s senior photo shoot last week at a local park, she sifted through and picked this one forView full post »

Reality check…State of the World’s Children 2011

It is time to focus on children and young adults ~ they are our future. Investing in children and adolescents now, canView full post »