Blue hour at the Acropolis

The last two days in Athens have been crazy. Maddie has taken me to every major historical site in the city and thereView full post »

Austerity boils in Athens…

Well Maddie and I landed in Athens this evening after leaving Texas yesterday to embark on her chosen graduation trip.View full post »

“the discussion”

Thomas Saunders has talk with their ranch stud regarding the etiquette of standing still while getting into the saddle&#View full post »

“wrong place, wrong time”

Sometimes despite your very best efforts, you make the wrong move and bad things can happen… Captured with: d700,View full post »

“early morning cut”

Shot this image while sitting in a pen of cattle looking up through the dust as the boys started to cut the calves fromView full post »

A peek into the soul of a young lady…

I have been fortunate the last two weekends to steal a couple hours away from my work and both my daughters’ busyView full post »

Rising purple coneflowers

Helen found these wonderful purple coneflowers Saturday afternoon while shooting some images of Kelly down by the oldView full post »

Maddie’s senior portrait ~ Wazari inspired

After finishing Maddie’s senior photo shoot last week at a local park, she sifted through and picked this one forView full post »

Reality check…State of the World’s Children 2011

It is time to focus on children and young adults ~ they are our future. Investing in children and adolescents now, canView full post »

“Herd on the Run”

A colorful band of ranch misfits looking for trouble in all the wrong places… Captured with: d700, 70-200mm @ f/5.View full post »

“Working the stock”

Getting the job done takes more than a good man at the Twin V ranch… Tom B. handling the branding iron. CapturedView full post »

“fishin’ buddies ~ texas style”

Sometimes the simple things can bring the most happiness….especially when sitting on a great horse.View full post »

“The Graduate”

I can remember back in 1980 when I graduated from high school. Those were exciting times and really, no differentView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day ~ from the boys!

Last year for Mother’s Day we spent the afternoon shooting pictures of Helen with one of her two horses,View full post »

“The Boss”

Some men (and women) ride with the confidence that commands respect. This comes with experience and age…there isView full post »

Roping at sunrise during wildfire season in Texas

                I shot this image two weeks ago at the Saunders’View full post »

“Hung up”

Sometimes no matter how badly things start out, they can get dramatically worse…. Fortunately for this bullView full post »

Postprocessing by Wazari…

  The internet is an amazing tool for communication. Two weeks ago I was able to “skype” with aView full post »

Wade Bowen ~ barefoot cowboy @ LJT

Last night I was able to get over and brave the increasing crowds at the Larry Joe Taylor Festival for 2 hours. IView full post »

Pat Green ~ rocking Larry Joe Taylor Festival

Tonight was the official opening of the Larry Joe Taylor Festival outside of Stephenville. This is the 23rd year thatView full post »

April showers, cool wildflowers…and weeds

Well the temperatures and wind have finally eased a bit. We are now starting to get rain, hail and tornadoes…..View full post »

Boyd & Floyd Bull Company

Two local gentleman, Brad Boyd and Toby Floyd own and operate a bucking bull business. Not only did they have bulls atView full post »

Clean hands, heart & mind ~ UT bound!

On Saturday we got up before dawn to make it to Austin with Maddie for the “Women in Engineering” programView full post »

PBR hits Stephenville!

Stephenville is very lucky to have the Professional Bull Rider’s here this weekend at the wonderful Lone StarView full post »

Branding pen ~ a different perspective

So what do you get for lying down on your belly behind a cowboy in a corral full of horse and cow pucky, waiting for himView full post »

Stephenville High School ~ Prom Night!

Last night was Senior Prom here in Stephenville and the kids got to dress up and hit the town for one last big shindigView full post »

Thomas Saunders ~ horseman extraordinaire

In the last 15 years of riding field trial horses, team roping horses and more recently the refined reined-cowhorses, IView full post »

Sunrise on the Twin V Ranch

Ranch hand at the Saunder’s Twin V Ranch gets some help after climbing back on his horse following “a wreckView full post »

Maddie’s Last Dance…

Tonight was the final performance of Stephenville High School’s dance team for the 2010-2011 season. It was the &#View full post »

Dromoland Castle, Ireland

This castle estate on the west coast of Ireland was not originally developed for golfing, but with other possibleView full post »

I live with the best chef in the world

Crepes with powder sugar & raspberries – just like like my Grandmother from Germany used to make them. NothingView full post »

Spring has sprung!

I had to work this weekend, but still found a bit of time to go for a walk in the back pasture and found some new lifeView full post »

Kīlauea volcano ~ the sleeping giant

This is an aerial shot looking down in to the active Pu`u `Ō `ō crater of Kīlauea. The day we flew over it wasView full post »